Tumbler Water/Tumbler W/Carry Pouch
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Product SKU 2622/2601P/2602P/2605P1/2611P/2612P/29011/29012
Size (L x W x H) 12 cm x 12 cm x 36 cm
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Bring your favorite drinks and beverages. Wherever you go. Century bottles come in fun Colour s and various sizes for daily use or even picnics at the park.

2622 Tumbler W/Strap 1.2Litre
Product Size : (W)9cm X (H)27.5cm

2601P Tumbler W/Carry Pouch 1.5Litre
Product Size : (W)11.5cm X (L)11.5cm X (H)21.3cm

2602P Tumbler W/Carry Pouch 2Litre
Product Size : (W)11.5cm X (L)11.5cm X (H)28.2cm

2605P1 Tumbler W/Carry Pouch 2.5Litre
Product Size : (W)11.5cm X (L)11.5cm X (H)35.3cm

2611P Tumbler W/Carry Pouch 1Litre
Product Size : (W)11.5cm X (H)18.3cm

2612P Tumbler W/Carry Pouch 1.5Litre
Product Size : (W)11.5cm X (H)23.7cm

29011 Tumbler 0.8Litre
Product Size : (W)8.8cm X (L)8.8cm X (H)24.8cm

29012 Tumbler 1.2Litre
Product Size : (W)9.8cm X (L)9.8cm X (H)28.8cm